Top Bike/Snowmobile


Please remember that you must also submit a Points Program Registration Form and a W9 Form also.

Forms are available on the web site, at the track, or we can e-mail them to you.

– 9.99 ET or faster
– 400 Pro Tree handicap with breakout
– Courtesy Stage rule in effect
– No deep staging.
– Nitrous oxide permitted.
– No delay boxes allowed
– Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA Rule Book.
– Must meet current NHRA license requirements. Competition licenses from another sanctioning body will not be accepted.
– Valid state motorcycle rider’s license required
– A maximum of two (2) restarts allowed for loss of fire. If the rider cannot stage under his/her own power after two restarts he/she will be disqualified. If both riders cannot stage under their own power after two restarts, both will be disqualified.
– Ladders will begin with first round of eliminations. In order to be placed on a ladder you must make a run in one of the qualifying sessions. Late entries will not be inserted on a ladder.
– Qualifying positions determined by best reaction times.
– Lane choice awarded to best reaction time from the previous round.
– Points awarded for qualifying. The number one qualifier will receive ten points. The number ten qualifier and lower will receive one point each.
– All motorcycles and snowmobiles must have a permanent style number plate and dial-in board attached to the right side of the vehicle.
– All vehicles must be capable of running the elapsed time specified for this class. If the vehicle is not capable of running at least 9.99 seconds, as demonstrated during qualifying, the vehicle shall be disqualified prior to the first round of competition and no refund shall be authorized.
– Class designation – TB