Dennis K. Burke Super Comp


Please remember that you must also submit a Points Program Registration Form and a W9 Form also.

Forms are available on the web site, at the track, or we can e-mail them to you.

8.90 Index

.400 Pro Tree

Vehicles  must  comply  with  safety  and  equipment  requirements  as outlined by the current NHRA Rule Book.

Deep staging not permitted.

Courtesy Stage rule in effect.

Open to full bodied cars, dragsters, altereds, roadsters or funny cars.

Ladders will begin with first round of eliminations. In order to be placed on a ladder you must make a run in one of the qualifying sessions. Late entries will not be inserted on a ladder.

Must meet current NHRA license requirements. Valid state driver’s license required.

Two qualifying sessions will be run, time permitting. A ladder will be determined from the results of these first two sessions only. If a third session is run prior to eliminations, it will not count towards qualifying, even though a racer may have only made one, or no runs earlier. A racer who has passed technical inspection, but has made no qualifying runs, will be inserted at the bottom of the ladder. If more than one racer has made no qualifying runs, they will be inserted on the ladder in order of current points position.  The field is “all run”.

The ladder is generated at the end of qualifying based on the 8.90 index. Positions are based on a racer’s best run closest to, but not under, the 8.90 index. After all positions are filled with runs over the index, positions will be filled with a racer’s best run closest to, but under, the 8.90 index. As per NHRA rules, ties for a qualifying position by ET will be determined by the higher MPH on the runs in question., with the higher MPH given the higher position. The ladder is available for review prior to the beginning of first round. Any errors must be reported to a track official before the beginning of first round, or the ladder will stand.

Pairings are based on qualifying position, with the top half of the ladder paired with the bottom half (Sportsman ladder). If an odd number of entries are on the ladder, the number one qualifier will receive a first round bye.

Competitors with a bye run or competition single must stage the vehicle under its own power and register a reaction time in order to be eligible for the next round of competition.

A racer will not receive a second bye run unless all remaining competitors in the field have received a bye. This does not include competition singles.

Lane choice is determined by qualifying position. The higher qualified racer has lane choice each round. For example, the number  one qualifier would have lane choice throughout eliminations.

Protests must be brought to the attention of a track official immediately after the alleged infraction or disputed run.

In the event of a dual deep stage, both racers will be disqualified, with the exception of the final round. In this case, a rerun will be held. Both competitors must immediately return to the starting line area.

All vehicles must be capable of running the elapsed time specified for seconds, as demonstrated during qualifying, the vehicle shall be disqualified prior to the first round of competition and no refund shall be authorized.

Class designation – SC