Dennis K. Burke Jr. Dragster


Please remember that you must also submit a Points Program Registration Form and a W9 Form. You will not receive points or pre-printed tech cards on points days if we do not have a form on file!

Forms are available on the web site, at the track, or we can e-mail them to you.

The Dennis K. Burke Jr. Dragster Program will be contested in 2 different groups for the 2019 season. The Classes will be divided into two age groups, 6-9 year olds called JR/B, and 10-18 year olds called JR/A.

JR/B class will be comprised of 6 & 7 year olds which are restricted to 13.90 seconds or slower ET, and 8 & 9 year olds restricted to 11.90 seconds or slower ET.

JR/A class will be comprised of 10-12 year olds which are restricted to 8.90 seconds or slower ET and 13-18 year olds which are restricted to 7.90 seconds or slower ET. Autostart will be used for the JR/A class.

All NHRA safety rules apply to both classes

Any competitor running quicker than 7.50 ET in the eighth-mile or 4.10 ET in 330 feet or faster than 85 mph at any time during eliminations will be disqualified. Any competitor running quicker than 7.50 ET in the eighth-mile or 4.00 ET. in 330 feet or faster than 89.99 mph at any time during time trials or qualifying will be disqualified and subject to additional disciplinary action in the sole and absolute discretion of New England Dragway or NHRA.

  • .500 Full Tree manual start for JR/B, .500 Full Tree Autostart for JR/A
  • Ladders will begin with first round of A racer who has passed technical inspection, but has made no qualifying runs, will be inserted at the bottom of the ladder. If more than one racer has made no qualifying runs, they will be inserted on the ladder in order of current points position.
  • Nitrous oxide not permitted

Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA Rule Book.

Must meet current NHRA license requirements. A legal guardian must sign the competition waiver.

All new drivers must complete a New England Dragway orientation program, which includes a walkthrough of the race surface, cockpit orientation and maneuverability display. All drivers who have prior racing experience, but are newcomers to New England Dragway must complete a walkthrough of the race surface.

A maximum of two (2) restarts allowed for loss of fire. If the driver cannot stage under his/her own power after two restarts he/she will be disqualified. If both drivers cannot stage under their own power after two restarts, both will be disqualified.

Only one (1) push back allowed after initial burnout. This is the last time a crew person is allowed to touch the vehicle before staging. The starter will give one (1) pull back if the car goes through the prestage/ stage beams in JR/B. Subsequent roll through will result in disqualification in JR/B. Courtesy staging is encouraged. No pull backs in JR/A.

Competitors with a bye run or competition single must stage the vehicle under its own power and register a reaction time in order to be eligible for the next round of competition.

All vehicles must exit at the first turn in a safe and prudent manner. All vehicles must proceed directly to the safe area and await a tow back to the pit area. Junior Dragsters may not transit the pit area under their own power.

All cars must have a flag located on the rear of the vehicle with a minimum height of five (5) feet. Flags must be affixed to the vehicle at all times except while on the racetrack. A driver must be in the vehicle while it is being towed.

Round winners may choose between a round winner trophy and decal or a $5 New England Dragway Gift Card.

Eliminator winners will receive a winner’s trophy and $20. Runner-up will receive $10.

Class designation – JR/A, JR/B