Red's Shoe Barn Super Pro


Please remember that you must also submit a Points Program Registration Form and a W9 Form also. Forms are available on the web site, at the track, or we can e-mail them to you.

Super Pro ET (SP):
– 7.00-11.99 ET, dial-your-own; breakout rule applies
– .500 Full Tree using Compulink Autostart system
– Crosstalk will be utilized during all ET Series events.
– Courtesy Stage rule in effect
– All vehicles must cross the top of staging under their own power
– Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA Rule
– Electronics allowed. Refer to NHRA Rulebook for further guidelines.
– Playback tachometers allowed.
– On-board computers are not allowed.
– Wheel pickup sensing devices are not allowed.
– Factory (OEM) installed computers allowed.
– Must meet current NHRA license requirements.
– Valid state driver’s license required.
– All competitors will be placed on a ladder when there are 8 or fewer cars remaining in competition.
– Competitors with a bye run or competition single must stage the vehicle under its own power and register a reaction time in order to be eligible for the next round of competition.
– Mufflers required.
– Class designation – SP
All vehicles must be capable of running the elapsed time specified for this class. If the vehicle is not capable of running at least 11.99 seconds, as demonstrated during qualifying, the vehicle shall be disqualified prior to the first round of competition and no refund shall be authorized.