Tim's Speed & Custom Street


Please remember that you must also submit a Points Program Registration Form and a W9 Form also.

Forms are available on the web site, at the track, or we can e-mail them to you.

Street ET (ST):
– 11.50 – 19.99 ET, dial-your-own; breakout rule applies
– .500 Full Tree using CompuLink Autostart system
– Courtesy Stage rule in effect
– All vehicles must cross the top of staging under their own power
– All vehicles must enter staging lanes under their own power
– Vehicles must comply with safety and equipment requirements as outlined by the current NHRA rulebook.
– No electronics allowed (this includes, but is not limited to; TransBrakes, Air Shifters, Two-Steps, and Delay Boxes). No disabled electronic equipment may be left in a vehicle during competition (disconnected air shifters, two-steps, etc.) If the vehicle is equipped with an air shifter that is disconnected, the air cylinder must be removed from the vehicle.
– Single stage rev limiter allowed
– Limited to door cars only. Vehicle must have working lights, OEM type glass and operating windows. Back seat and passenger seats may be removed.
– Mufflers required. Open exhaust not allowed. Headers acceptable.
– Street tires required (DOT Approved racing tires acceptable). No bald tires allowed.
– Nitrous oxide permitted
– Non drive-wheel line locks are permitted.
– Factory (OEM) installed computers allowed, Data Recording tachometers are allowed providing they do not control the operation of the vehicle while in competition.
– Valid state driver’s license required.
– Ladders will begin when there are 8 or fewer cars remaining in competition.
– Competitors with a bye run or competition single must stage the vehicle under its own power and register a reaction time in order to be eligible for the next round of competition.
– Class designation – ST